About Us

Felix Security is the inevitable evolution in the ever changing and challenging digital world.

A company of many firsts, Felix Security aims to provide enterprise security for everyone, equally. Cyber attackers do not discriminate and neither do we. Built-In, Zero-touch, Intuitive automation using machine learning algorithms across all our Cyber Security Network Gateway and Endpoint Protection technologies, ensures that Felix protects everyone and all connected devices against cyber-attacks in the home, whilst travelling, while you're working remotely or in the office, by offering an end-to-end enterprise grade Security for the network of any size and all types of endpoints.

Through enterprise grade solutions that are affordable, game changing and intelligent, we help secure the Internet of Things (IoT) and weakest links, we deliver the first solution that will secure all remote workers, the forgotten wider network whilst they are travelling or working from home. We aim to bring automated security intelligence into every home and every business via the world's first Bring Your Own Security (BYOS) solutions.

We are the Cybersecurity experts. We deliver a simplified and manageable perspective of our integrated complex solutions in order to ensure multi-layered simplicity and elegance in traditional and cutting edge security solutions.

Welcome to Felix

Zero-touch Technology

Zero-touch technology ensures real-time protection with Built-In configuration that incorporates automatic updates as needed to ensure intuitive full-time protection against the latest sophisticated threats. This keeps costs down and means that you don't need to invest in expensive personnel to maintain and manage Felix – it takes care of that itself. We are the Cyber Security experts so you don't have to be.

Cybersecurity at an Affordable Price

Years in the making, Felix Security fills a major gap in the security of BYOD, IoT, remote workers, real-time Intelligence gathering, big data analytics and cybersecurity forensics by combining a multitude of enterprise and military grade cutting edge technology at a highly affordable price for everyone in a Security as a Service offering.

Complete Cybersecurity for the IOT

Game Changing Technology

Hackers constantly evolve using creativity to steal more money and data. Cybersecurity and the defence of nations, corporations and citizens is no different. To beat a hacker, you need to think like a one. As a result, Felix developed simplicity and zero-touch technology that is game changing and disruptive in a Gateway and Endpoint solution. In addition, we have a line-up of technology that will ensure we remain game changing to ensure that we are constantly thinking like a hacker to beat the hacker.

Cutting Edge Security

Felix Security was created with Real Time Cybersecurity detection, prevention, visibility, control, intelligence and remediation tools for Government, Business and the Consumer by being strategically cutting edge and different in its cybersecurity protection. In country cloud service delivered to the end user via the pocket size Felix Tech Gateway and the Felix Tech Vigilance End Point Solutions means that data remains within sovereign state, eliminating the burden, legality and sensitivity of cross border information.

Your Own Cybersecurity Engine

Felix Security has finally bridged the gap between the consumer, the employee and the business by developing the first Bring Your Own Security solution, by providing the same level of enterprise security to an individual who in turn carries this cybersecurity solution to be used in the confines of the office, which can provide additional enterprise level cybersecurity forensic analytics through granular levels of Endpoint Detection, Protection and Response (EDPR) via the integrated Felix Cyber Analytics Engine.


Felix has ingeniously, removed the technological barriers of cybersecurity integration by ensuring our technologies speak with each other in a seamless manner. This development and integration of Felix offers the ability to detect and prevent at the network layer, with our cloud connected Felix Security Gateway, an on premise device or appliance and detection and protection for all Endpoints via our cloud connected Felix Endpoint Protection Suite. This integration allows the intelligent visibility through a single pane of glass.