Felix Products

Endpoint Protection Suite

Felix Vigilance

Our premium product, designed to provide the highest level of Endpoint protection for server and SOE environments. Integrates with Felix Enforcer and Felix Titration.

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Felix Enforcer

Felix Enforcer is our zero touch Application Whitelisting solution. It is a downloadable application that once installed gives you the ability to lock down your endpoint and only allow your approved applications to run. As with all our products it is simple to use and intuitive.

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Felix Titration

Is our zero-touch application whitelisting solution. Designed to apply the whitelists generated by the Felix List Master (Felix Vigilance) but can also work individually if required. Runs locally making it perfect for classified environments that cannot have their endpoints communicating to an external cloud.

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Felix Browse

Felix Browse is a high security browser plug-in. Currently available for Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox and Microsoft Edge (Safari and IE coming soon). It helps protect you from Web based Ransomware, a type of Malware that locks your files and will only unlock them once you have paid the ransom.

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Network Protection

Felix WildKat (Coming Soon)

On premise, rack mountable device for the office. Built in Firewall, IPS/IDS, Web Inspection, Application visibility and SIEM Integration all rolled into one pre-configured package. Suitable for the Enterprise to the SMB.

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