Frequently asked questions

What is the difference between a virus and malware?

Virus' are a type of malware. Like white bread is a type of bread. Malware includes all the nasty stuff such as Worms, Ransomware, Botnets, Keyloggers, Adware, Spyware, Trojans, virus', Cryptolocker, banking Malware like Zeus, Dyre and all those different words you have heard but aren't sure what they really mean. Malware is the full bakery.

So, anti-malware does more than just anti-virus? Or is this all marketing? A lot of anti-virus software does more than just anti-virus blocking, but it won't do as much as anti-malware especially against the nasty stuff.

What is an Endpoint Device?

An endpoint device is an Internet-capable computer hardware device. The term can refer to desktop computers, laptops, smart phones, tablets, thin clients, servers or other specialized hardware.

Endpoint security is a concept where each computer or endpoint is responsible for its own security, especially when you are out of a "secured network" location.

Next Generation Endpoint Security goes beyond the traditional security by protecting the Endpoint against the latest malicious malware and advanced persistent threats.

What is a Gateway?

An internet Gateway is a device that connects your internal network (your home or business) to the external network (the internet). The most common form of an internet Gateway is your home router or modem. Imagine a house with a fence around it (your internal network). The Gateway would be the set of gates at the front of the house. In order to get into the property, everyone must travel through those gates.

What is our Felix Security Gateway?

Our Felix Security Gateway is a secure gateway and it works with your router or modem in order to protect your internal network. You can think of it like having guards stationed at your gates. The guards record and inspect everyone trying to get in to your property and if they think someone is there that shouldn't be, they will turn them around and not allow them to enter.

Why do I need Felix Enforcer?

Now, you may be thinking, why do I need the endpoint protection (Felix Enforcer) if I have the Felix Security Gateway? Well, to help answer that we can use the above analogy. Felix Enforcer protects the individual endpoint devicewithin your network. By endpoint devicewe mean your computer, laptops, tablets or phones. You can think of these as the house (the computer) and three cars (the laptop, tablet and phone) within your property.

Installing Felix Enforcer is like installing an alarm in the house and cars. So, when the cars are at home, they are being protected by both the guards at the gate and their alarm. When you leave the property, your endpoint deviceis no longer being protected by your Felix Security Gateway but they are still being protected by Felix Enforcer - it's another layer of security and protection.

In summary, the Felix HouseKatprotects your network and Felix Enforcer protects your endpoint device.